Birth Doula Services

With more than a decade of supporting the birth process in the Los Angeles area Sabrina is known for offering supportive, non-judgmental, integrative labor support in hospitals, birth centers, and home births. She is honored to work with families in all of their various manifestations to help them have the best, most educated, and empowered experience possible.

Holistic Integrative Bodywork

Sabrina is trained in a variety of modalities from Lymphatic Drainage to Deep Tissue. She uses tools from all modalities to ensure that each massage session is customized to what is happening in your body at the moment with the goal of supporting your wellness and meeting you where you're at in the moment.

Placenta Encapsulation

Sabrina has more than a decade, and hundreds of placentas, in experience, offering this service. In addition to encapsulation for supplementation, she also offers the option of processing the placenta into powder for ceremonial use (this is usually done with the mother and partner if desired to set intentions and honor their process).

Workshops & Classes

Monthly workshops on a variety of topics are scheduled in our downtown Los Angeles studio and at various locations hosted by the school IPSB at LEI that Sabrina teaches at. You can learn everything from basic massage to natural skin care and how to make a bath bomb to personal scent blending and cooking workshops. The whole Essential Life Tribe team gets in on the action so come play with us!

Since 1993

Wellness Is a Series of Small Choices

Sometimes it seems that to feel good in our bodies we have to make huge changes, eat only kale and kombucha and exercise 3 hours a day. The thing is, most people don't have time or inclination to do that. In 2014, my partner was diagnosed with brain cancer. I spent more than 3 years, sitting by her side, assessing every little thing we did for the possibility of what it could do to us. I know now, in my bones that wellness is more about the little choices we make in the moment, than grand sweeping gestures.

The choice to take a walk, to put down the screen and connect with a loved one, choosing organic food, or toothpaste that doesn't have a poison control warning. These daily decisions add up.

My partner survived her bout with cancer, but it colors so much of how we make decisions. We are lucky, we know that. We are daily, building on what we are lucky enough to continue to enjoy. I have a blog that is all about sharing the good food, and good choices we are learning about and integrating in our lives every day. Follow our adventures here: www.TheMoonGoddessesKitchen.com

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Would you like to book a session? Are you looking for a doula or for someone to work with your placenta, post birth? I look forward to hearing from you!