$225/90 minutes

Customized bodywork.

Some of the modalities available:

-Pre/Post Natal

-Deep Tissue

-Lymphatic Drainage

-Raindrop Therapy

-4 Handed/ Doubles Massage

Doula Services


(Sliding Scale Fees & Payment Plans Are Available - Let's See What You Need & How I Can Best Support You) Supportive, Non-Judgmental Birth Doula Services

Placenta Encapsulation


Have your placenta processed into a capsule to support you during the postpartum period



Sabrina is trained in a variety of modalities from Lymphatic Drainage to Deep Tissue. She uses tools from all modalities to ensure that each massage session is customized to what is happening in your body at the moment with the goal of supporting your wellness and meeting you where you're at in the moment. Here are some specific requests you can make:

Pre/Post Natal

Bodywork to support the pregnant person during and after the childbearing year. The body goes through incredible changes while growing a small human, not all of which are easy or comfortable. Bodywork is a great way to support the new parent in adapting to the changes in their body to help with the aches and pains that often accompany pregnancy and the recovery process Post-Partum.

Lymphatic Drainage

This is especially helpful with any sort of swelling (edema), chronic illness (Lyme disease, for example) and post-surgery (elective or otherwise) to help they body's natural flushing of excess fluid and clearing out the metabolic waste that is a side effect of these things. Lymphatic drainage is a gentle, soothing modality that works to encourage this passive system to function more efficiently.

Deep Tissue/Circulatory 

If you have specific aches/pains/tightness in the body this session will incorporate a combination or flushing strokes, focused deep work, and stretching to encourage freedom of movement in your body.

Raindrop Therapy

This is a specialized aromatherapy treatment that incorporates essential oils that help detoxify the system and also encourage the system to release tension. The oils are applied to the feet and the spine with gentle strokes to encourage your system to release. Generally, we measure your height before and after the session, as a marker of release and expansion you often gain a measurable bit of height.

4 Handed Session

My partner and I work together on one client. It's like getting 2 hours of massage compressed into one hour - incredible!


Doula Services

I have been honored to support this sacred process for more than 73 births (as of 2021) and 20 years now, I believe that birth is a natural process that our bodies are meant to do, I also understand that babies are an exercise in flexibility and they bring these lessons early on. This means that I support, without judgement, any path that brings you to the point of holding your newborn. Every birth is a unique journey and I am honored to have the opportunity to walk through it with you.

Partnership In The Process

As a queer person, it is important to me that all people building families feel safe and supported. As a doula, I see myself as a support to both the birthing parent and the partner, and if there is no partner I am open to expanding my role so that the birthing parent can feel supported, and have the best possible experience. My goal is to bring you education, support your choices, encourage you both, and provide snacksGenerally we take some time before your due date to connect and get to know each other. If you are partnered, my goal is to support that partnership by giving you both tools to work together to feel confident in this journey. My goal is to help you feel and stay connected throughout the whole process which means I can be as hands on or off as you are both comfortable with. Being a bodyworker means I have additional tools to bring to the table as a part of the birthing process.

Preparation For The Big Day

Generally, we meet a minimum of twice before your due date so that we can get to know each other, go over the birth process, get clear on your goals and hopes. We practice labor positions and talk about fears or questions so we all know what you both hope for. When you hire me, I'm on call for you, 24/7, this means if you feel something weird, have a question or crazy thought running through your head in the middle of the night, you can call me. This also means that when labor begins, I'll be there with you, as soon as you feel you need me, and don't leave until about an hour after you have the baby.

C-Section Births

Should you need or choose, a C-Section. I am available to support you in the surgery suite, should you want additional support, someone to take pictures, or if your partner is queasy/doesn't handle blood/surgery well, or if you are alone. It's important to discuss this with your doctor ahead of time. Depending on the health of the baby, they may send the partner and baby to the NICU, so I can then stay with the birthing parent while they finish the process and get them to recovery.

Placenta Encapsulation

As my client you get a discount on placenta encapsulation.

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