Birth Doula:

Sabrina helped bring my lil boy into the world (now 7 1/2 yrs old!). She’s an absolute treasure and a wonderful person to boot. Can’t recommend enough!

Stephanie C.

Birth Doula:

Sabrina is a wonderful doula and masseuse!  She did all of my pre- and post-natal massages for both of my children, and attended as doula for both of their births.  Boy was I glad she was there when I was in serious back labor, and she knew just how to give me relief.  Sabrina is supportive and helpful, without being aggressive.  Her knowledge of birth and anatomy is extensive, and she beautifully customizes everything specifically to you.  I do not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for a skilled and caring doula.

Talitha C.

Birth Doula:

Ten years ago the universe was kind enough to send Sabrina into my life. I was pregnant and primarily on my own. I was not sure what to expect of my pregnancy. I was overwhelmed and anxious. Sabrina met with me spoke with me well before my due date on several occasions. She explained things to me in ways I could understand them and told me options I had as a mother regarding the birth of my child. This information helped ease my anxiety as did her support. Sabrina helped me create my birth plan, which I shared with my Doctor. This was followed during the birth of my son. Sabrina was there for me during labor until my son was born. I am grateful to have a healthy happy 9 year old today due to her help. Honestly, if she was not there with me in the delivery room there were some decisions I may have made that may not have been the best for me or my son. She encouraged me to push through the temporary pain to do what I wanted to do, have a natural childbirth with no epidural. I keep in touch with her to this day because she means so much to me. I highly recommend Sabrina as a fantastic and loving Doula.

Raye R.

Birth Doula:

Sabrina is the most amazing doula. She helped me write my birth plan, educated me about nursing, massaged me, and checked in on me. When I went into labor she met me at the hospital and brought candles and music and oils and things that she knew would bring me comfort. Then she stayed with me in the hospital for the 32 hours it took for me to have Salem. One of the things I wanted was to not labor lying down. She advocated for this for me, and the doctors agreed upon an arrangement where I could be out of bed for 40min of every hour, provided that the 20min I was in bed I wore the fetal heart monitor and there were no signs of distress. During those 40 minute segments, she paced the hallways with me pausing at every contraction and applying pressure to my lower back to counter the pain I was feeling there. At one point we put me in the shower room (her idea) and she sprayed my back with hot water (which really helped with the pain) until I didn't want to be so wet anymore. She knows exactly the right questions to ask the doctors. She knows when to tell them no and when it's time to let them intervene. She absolutely got me through what is probably the longest day I've ever had. I'm so grateful she was with me. If you're looking for a doula, I recommend her. 10/10 would hire again.

April K.


I am a massage therapist who became disabled due to an incurable degenerative disorder. I'm particular about who touches me. I was gifted. A dozen years after becoming disabled, I still have old clients calling me to ask me for massages. I wish I could give a massage to myself. Sabrina is closest to that, only better, because she is Sabrina. She listens. She is attentive to your needs. She is intuitive. She is educated in the IPSB-style, which I find to be the best. I am looking forward to my next session with Sabrina. She is extraordinary, in all the best ways. 

Rashelle R.


I've been going to Sabrina for massage for years and have never been disappointed!! She is calming and healing and always listens! I've also seen her for prenatal massages through 2 pregnancies and couldn't image what it would have been like to not have her help and therapy during that time!!

Jillian C.


Please do yourself a favor, if you are looking for skilled massage therapist who understands how to heal the body, go see Sabrina.

I was in an accident almost a year ago, and I've been in ongoing pain ever since. I have tendinitis in my arms, and my muscles started tightening up due to inactivity during my recovery. Sabrina was able to really help me understand what was going on with my body as a whole - and had far more helpful advice about stretching and tips than either of physical or occupational therapists.

I'll happily drive from Glendale to Downtown for Sabrina's magic.

Kaye P.


I found Moon Cycle Arts through my friends at The Brewery when I was in desperate need of healing from many work related injuries and overall stress.  I couldn't be happier about this, as Sabrina has become one of my best friends.  She is one of the most wonderful people I have ever met and I continue to see her on a regular basis for help with so many ailments.  She is so dedicated to her practice, extremely knowledgeable on a wide variety of subjects and incredibly kind.  She truly cares about each and every client and takes the time every session to really listen and determine the best course of action, custom-tailored to your needs.  I highly recommend them and will continue to go, I feel amazing!  Thank you!!!

Meghan M.


Sabrina is amazing. A thorough knowledge of anatomy and a focused therapeutic touch. I was super impressed because the very first session with her my sciatic problem was resolved, one visit! Great environment, and lots of great holistic advice. A gem. Go see her.

Remington B.


I have had the honor of being trained by, working along side, and experiencing Sabrina's amazing skills first hand for years. Sabrina's knowledge and mastery of a number of massage modalities and techniques is extraordinary. She understands that not only is each person an individual requiring a different approach, but that each day that approach may need to be different for the same person. Her use of aromatherapy has helped release many long-standing issues within my body as well as acute illnesses I was battling. Her deep tissue technique is amazingly effective and she is one of the only therapists I trust to do this work on me. I always feel safe and know that she understands that to heal, patience and open communication is a must. She is the perfect balance between head and heart and knows when to use more of one than the other. Since moving to Tennessee, I have missed being able to book regular appointments with Sabrina, but always call ahead when I'm in the LA area and book with her. Yep, she's that good.

Deb C.


Sabrina stands out as this incredible combination of extraordinary generosity and open heartedness, as well as being one of the most knowledgeable people I've ever met (seriously, it's intense how brilliant, well-read, and equipped she is on any subject I've ever spoken to her about). I've had the privilege of working beside her as a massage therapist, and she was made for healing work. Her touch, understanding of the body, and solid energy are incredible. I am also planning on getting pregnant soon, and for years now I've had no doubt in my mind who I'll want to be my doula. Sabrina holds such an amazingly calm space, and is so competent and present that it lets you relax and let go in all the ways you need to. She is a gift to those who work with her, pure and simple. I can't recommend her highly enough!

Inhee C.


Simply amazing! I can recommend Sabrina without reservation. She has worked on me on multiple occasions and it is always with a calm and confident manor. The whole experience is very relaxing. She listens and responds appropriately to my needs.

Michaelle P.


I've treated myself to relaxation massages as a reward for a tough week, and I've been for visits when my sciatic nerve was angry at me; every time the result was bliss.

Sabrina doesn't just listen when I tell her my reason for visiting, she accommodates (in the best sense of the word). There for relaxation? She seems to shift into the essence of the concept; with a soft voice and all the accoutrements of the craft I am transported a million miles away and when I return I am prepared to face whatever life wants to throw at me.

The times I have been to visit for a more clinical approach for the sciatica, the soothing relaxation is still there, but there is an undercurrent of precision to the task. She helps stretch out muscles that I don't purposely stretch, and will explain exactly what she's doing and how it affects me when I ask.

The atmosphere is great--low key, comfortable and relaxing.

Whether you're Yelping for a first time experience or looking for a different place from your usual spot, I cannot recommend MCA highly enough 🙂

Micki R.


Sabrina is a knowledgable and gifted masseuse. My husband and I received massages twice a month and with out them we would be in bad shape, physically and emotionally. We trust Sabrina to work her magic and she always does.  She knows anatomy, is an excellent listener and always checks before she works on us to see if there's any area that needs attention.  I would recommend her to anyone without reservation.

Tina M.